Life is learning.
Learning isn't mean just study in class.
Learning isn't not about time,age or any condition.
..and what is Learning?

You'll never know what that means ,if you only care about a point!
But.. don't you see what a fact of Thai Education *lol*

Learing,it's free, fun / question, (find) answer.
anyway,keep learning!!!





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Que se ra
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thanks #1 ^____^

(เขียนไปเราก็รู้ว่ามันไม่ถูก แต่ก็ไม่รู้ว่าที่ถูกจริงๆมันเป็นไงซะงั้น 55+)
ยังไงก็ขอบคุณนะคะ ^^
#2 by J u N e __ P o T T e R At 2007-06-22 16:56,
you had a bit of mistake na~~~

isn't mean>doesn't mean
isn't not>???

u'll never know>known

that means>it means

time, age, or any learning

a point>the point

what a fact>what's the fact


hope u have a good time in sport day today[i played a card = =]

and when u go to USA

u'll see the diff. between Thai edu and US[like Tokyo tower and underground = =]
#1 by KC_CRUSH At 2007-06-21 22:24,